Human Resources

In our growing global economy, human resources functions are becoming increasingly complex and resource-intensive. Advantage Management Corporation provides an outsourcing solution to help its client companies cut costs and manage human resources, and add value to their companies.

Are you in the transportation industry? If so, then you know the regulatory maze and unique challenges that come with managing human capital in this challenging industry. AMC helps its clients achieve superior business results by optimizing workforce effectiveness and streamlining HR infrastructure. Among the HR solutions we offer are:

In addition to our consulting and transactional services, we offer a number of applications that help business clients communicate with their employees and manage their outsourced services more effectively.

Advantage Management also offers its business clients the knowledge, tools and expertise that help remove the burden of managing back-office functions, such as payroll, benefits, administration, recruiting and training, leveraging employee performance, and supporting strategic initiatives.

By offering a wide range of services, our experienced staff, innovative tools and advanced technologies to enhance your business.


Looking to advance your career? Join an industry leading team that's directly helping some of the most innovative businesses in the country, serving an industry that puts food on the shelves and products in the stores, and is one of the most critical to every community - transportation. We're driving business forward, we're thinking miles ahead for our clients.